18. Henricus Pattyn was a farmer. He was married to Mathilde Vandenbroele in 1878 in Bredene.

19. Mathilde Vandenbroele was born on 20 Aug 1853 in Oostende. She died on 26 Apr 1981 in Brugge. Children were:

child i. Jacobus Joannes Pattyn was born on 20 Feb 1881 in Bredene. He died on 6 Aug 1951 in Oostende. He was a farmer. He was ongehuwd. ongehuwd
child ii. Ludovica Mathildis Pattyn was born on 12 Jun 1882 in Bredene.
child9 iii. Nathalia Maria Pattyn.
child iv. Léonie-Marie Pattyn (Private).
child v. Ferdinandus Pattyn died on 24 Jun 1943 in Oostende. He was ongehuwd. ongehuwd
child vi. Prudentia Pattyn died on 8 Mar 1916 in Torhout. She was ongehuwd. ongehuwd

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