48. Pieter Defraeye was born on 28 Jun 1796 in Zevekote. He was born on 28 Jun 1798 in Zevekote. He died on 23 Jul 1847 in Zande. He was married to Catharina Vanduynslaegher on 1 May 1822 in Zevekote.

49. Catharina Vanduynslaegher was born on 28 Jun 1799 in Zande. She died on 25 Jun 1881 in Gistel. Children were:

child24 i. Henricus Defraeye.
child ii. Engelbertus Defraeye was born on 6 Apr 1835 in Zande. He died on 25 Feb 1889 in Moere.

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