8. Camillus Josephus Vansieleghem was born on 5 Sep 1877 in Bredene. He died on 18 Mar 1974 in Bredene. He was a farmer. He was mijn grootvader. He was married to Nathalia Maria Pattyn on 24 Oct 1922 in Bredene.

9. Nathalia Maria Pattyn was born on 23 Oct 1890 in Bredene. She was born on 23 Dec 1890 in Bredene. She died on 26 Apr 1981 in Brugge. She was mijn grootmoeder. Children were:

child i. Maria Camilla Mathilde Vansieleghem (Private).
child4 ii. Michel Aimé Joseph Vansieleghem.
child iii. André Vansieleghem was born on 24 Jun 1926 in Bredene. He died on 12 Oct 1926 in Bredene.
child iv. Rachel Nathalie Marie Vansieleghem (Private).
child v. Roger Antoine Henri Vansieleghem (Private).
child vi. Maurice Eduard Charles Vansieleghem (Private).
child vii. Omer Camiel Pierre Vansieleghem (Private).

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