429. Franciscus Vansieleghem was born on 9 Dec 1862 in Aartrijke. He died on 21 Dec 1937 in Torhout. He was a farmer.

He was married to Alida M. Jonckheere (daughter of David Jonckheere and Juliana Vanhevel) on 3 Aug 1887 in Zedelgem. Alida M. Jonckheere was born on 24 Jan 1866 in Zedelgem. She died on 20 Jul 1940 in Brugge. Franciscus Vansieleghem and Alida M. Jonckheere had the following children:

child605 i. Severinus Vansieleghem was born in 1888 in Aartrijke. He died in 1915 in Brugge.
child+606 ii. Eugenia Vansieleghem.
child+607 iii. Alidor Vansieleghem.
child+608 iv. Eugeen Vansieleghem.
child+609 v. Desiré Vansieleghem.
child+610 vi. Sylvia Vansieleghem.
child+611 vii. Pharailde Vansieleghem.
child+612 viii. Valeria Vansieleghem.
child+613 ix. Flavie Vansieleghem.
child+614 x. Urbanie Vansieleghem.
child+615 xi. Hector Vansieleghem.
child+616 xii. Jules Vansieleghem.
child+617 xiii. Maurice Vansieleghem.
child+618 xiv. Maria Vansieleghem.

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