607. Alidor Vansieleghem was born on 18 Aug 1890 in Aartrijke. He died in 1964 in Torhout. He was a farmer.

He was married to Alida Cool in 1923 in Torhout. Alida Cool was born on 28 Nov 1894 in Torhout. She died on 12 Apr 1962 in Torhout. Alidor Vansieleghem and Alida Cool had the following children:

child+773 i. Palmaire Joseph Vansieleghem.
child+774 ii. André Vansieleghem.
child+775 iii. Maria Vansieleghem.
child776 iv. Leona Vansieleghem died in 1929 in Torhout. She was born on 6 Jun 1929 in Torhout.
child+777 v. Frans José Albert Vansieleghem.

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