150. Severinus Vansieleghem was born on 8 Mar 1756 in Torhout. He died on 30 Jul 1828 in Torhout. He was a koeboer.

He was married to Isabella Clara Vermander on 7 May 1782 in Lichtervelde. Isabella Clara Vermander was born in 1755. She died on 24 Jun 1784 in Lichtervelde. Severinus Vansieleghem and Isabella Clara Vermander had the following children:

child236 i. Joannes Baptiste Vansieleghem was born on 2 Mar 1783 in Lichtervelde. He died on 24 Mar 1783 in Lichtervelde.

He was married to Godelieva Baert on 7 Apr 1785 in Lichtervelde. Godelieva Baert was born on 8 Mar 1761 in Lichtervelde. She was born on 8 Mar 1764 in Lichtervelde. She died on 21 Jan 1829 in Torhout. Severinus Vansieleghem and Godelieva Baert had the following children:

child+237 i. Barbara Vansieleghem.
child238 ii. Joannes Vansieleghem was born on 30 Jul 1787 in Lichtervelde.
child+239 iii. Carolus Vansieleghem.
child240 iv. Theresia Vansieleghem was born on 6 Mar 1791 in Lichtervelde.
child241 v. Isabella Vansieleghem was born on 17 Mar 1793 in Lichtervelde.
child+242 vi. Leopold Franciscus Vansieleghem.
child243 vii. Pieter Vansieleghem was born on 8 Sep 1797 in Torhout. He died on 16 Jun 1869 in Torhout.
child+244 viii. Franciscus L Vansieleghem.
child245 ix. Joseph Vansieleghem was born on 23 Dec 1801 in Torhout.
child246 x. Michel Vansieleghem was born on 3 Dec 1803 in Torhout.
child+247 xi. Louis Vansieleghem.

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