234. François Vansieleghem was born on 4 Oct 1801 in Torhout. He died on 24 Jul 1851 in Torhout. He was a wever.

He was married to Barbara d'Hulster on 20 Apr 1827 in Torhout. Barbara d'Hulster was born on 2 Dec 1799 in Lichtervelde. She died on 19 Oct 1865 in Torhout. François Vansieleghem and Barbara d'Hulster had the following children:

child+316 i. Pieter Vansieleghem.
child+317 ii. Joannes Vansieleghem.
child+318 iii. Karel Lodewijk Vansieleghem.
child+319 iv. Leopold Vansieleghem.
child320 v. Felix Vansieleghem was born on 1 May 1835 in Torhout.
child321 vi. Marie Louise Vansieleghem was born on 26 Sep 1837 in Torhout. She died in 1838 in Torhout.
child322 vii. Marie Therèse Vansieleghem was born in 1838 in Torhout. She died on 3 May 1840 in Lichtervelde.
child323 viii. Louise Marie Vansieleghem was born on 8 Jun 1839 in Torhout.

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