411. Petrus Franciscus Vansieleghem was born on 12 Mar 1861 in Torhout. He was a slachter - regenschermmaker.

He was married to Philomaine Cottenie (daughter of Cottenie and Ghiesmans) on 3 Jun 1885 in Torhout. Philomaine Cottenie was born on 12 Aug 1862 in Heule. She died on 18 Aug 1919 in Kortrijk. Petrus Franciscus Vansieleghem and Philomaine Cottenie had the following children:

child+562 i. Idalie Vansieleghem.
child+563 ii. Eugenia Marie Vansieleghem.
child+564 iii. Pharailde Vansieleghem.
child565 iv. Irma P. Vansieleghem was born on 3 Feb 1889 in Torhout.
child566 v. Juliette Vansieleghem was born on 4 Nov 1890 in Torhout.
child+567 vi. Augusta Coleta Vansieleghem.
child+568 vii. Madeleine Marie Vansieleghem.
child569 viii. Zoë Vansieleghem (Private).
child+570 ix. Gentil Napoleon Vansieleghem.

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