318. Karel Lodewijk Vansieleghem was born on 16 May 1831 in Torhout. He died on 2 Aug 1865 in Torhout. He was a wever.

He was married to Louise Gevaert on 12 Aug 1859 in Torhout. Louise Gevaert was born on 3 Aug 1837 in Torhout. Karel Lodewijk Vansieleghem and Louise Gevaert had the following children:

child416 i. Polydore Vansieleghem was born on 1 Aug 1860 in Torhout.
child+417 ii. Stephanie Vansieleghem.
child+418 iii. Silvie Vansieleghem.
child419 iv. Prudence Vansieleghem was born on 16 Apr 1864 in Torhout.
child420 v. Amelia Vansieleghem was born on 13 May 1865 in Torhout.

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