745. Raoul Maurice Vanzieleghem was born on 1 Sep 1933 in Eernegem. He was born on 11 Oct 1933 in Eernegem. He died mei 2009 in Oostende. He was a rijkswachter. He was a voorzitter postzegelclub Ichtegem.

He was married to Nelly Desmedt in 1957 in Eernegem. Nelly Desmedt was born on 10 Feb 1936 in Eernegem. She died in Oct 2006. Raoul Maurice Vanzieleghem and Nelly Desmedt had the following children:

child+972 i. Jean-Claude Andre Jules Vanzieleghem.
child+973 ii. Jean-Michel Vanzieleghem.

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