635. Michiel Hector Vanzieleghem was born on 23 Jul 1904 in Lichtervelde. He died on 17 Jun 1969 in Roeselare. He was a beenhouwer herbergier.

He was married to Maria Leonia Defever on 30 Jun 1931 in Eegem. Maria Leonia Defever was born on 17 Aug 1910 in Westerlo. She died in 1998. Michiel Hector Vanzieleghem and Maria Leonia Defever had the following children:

child+829 i. Victor Achiel Vanzieleghem.
child+830 ii. Rosa Maria Victoria Regina Vanzieleghem.
child+831 iii. Reginald Vanzieleghem.
child+832 iv. Frans Noël Leonard Vanzieleghem.

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