666. Petrus Ludovicus Vanzieleghem was born on 28 Feb 1924 in Izegem. He died in Emelgem.

Petrus Ludovicus Vanzieleghem and Denise Favireux had the following children:

child+864 i. Roger Pierre Vanzieleghem.
child865 ii. Jacques Gaston Vanzieleghem was born on 10 Sep 1949 in Saint Quentin (F). He died on 16 Jan 1950 in Ribemont.
child+866 iii. Gerard Marcel Vanzieleghem.
child867 iv. Jeannine Leona Vanzieleghem was born on 28 Jul 1952 in Saint Quentin (F). She died on 26 Dec 1958 in Saint Quentin (F).
child+868 v. Jean Pierre Vanzieleghem.
child+869 vi. Claudine Maria Vanzieleghem.
child+870 vii. Jean Claude Albert Vanzieleghem.
child+871 viii. Franck Denis Vanzieleghem.

He was divorced from Mariette Landuyt ?. Petrus Ludovicus Vanzieleghem and Mariette Landuyt had the following children:

child+872 i. Freddy Vanzieleghem.

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