6. Pieter Van Sieleghem was born on 25 Dec 1635 in Lichtervelde. He died on 14 May 1692 in Lichtervelde. He was St.v.g.13.IX.1709 Ra Brugge Arch. Lichtervelde on 13 Sep 1709 in Lichtervelde.

He was married to Anna Lanssens on 18 May 1655 in Lichtervelde. getuigen
Jan Vansieleghem
Joanna Defoort Anna Lanssens was born on 15 Jul 1640 in Lichtervelde. She died on 8 Sep 1692 in Lichtervelde. Pieter Van Sieleghem and Anna Lanssens had the following children:

child+39 i. Petrus Vansieleghem.
child40 ii. Josephus Vansieleghem was born on 28 Sep 1658 in Lichtervelde.
child+41 iii. Joanna Vansieleghem.
child+42 iv. Pasclesius Vansieleghem.
child43 v. Joannes Vansieleghem was born on 3 Jun 1666 in Lichtervelde.
child+44 vi. Joannes Vansieleghem.
child+45 vii. Anna Maria Vansieleghem.
child+46 viii. Judocus Vansieleghem.

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