708. Augustus Desiderius Vansieleghem was born on 11 Mar 1866 in Bredene. He died on 24 Nov 1952 in Oostende.

Sidonia Leonia Doom (daughter of Ludovicus Doom and Cecilia Theresia Pyra) was born on 26 Apr 1872 in Koekelare. She died on 30 Dec 1947 in Oostende. Augustus Desiderius Vansieleghem and Sidonia Leonia Doom had the following children:

child+920 i. Honorina Maria Vansieleghem.
child+921 ii. Henri Jozef Frans Vansieleghem.
child+922 iii. Irma Vansieleghem.
child+923 iv. Emiel Vansieleghem.
child+924 v. Adrienne Vansieleghem.
child925 vi. Camillus Art(hur Vansieleghem was born on 16 Aug 1896 in Oostende. He died on 26 Nov 1896 in Oostende.
child926 vii. Leonia Adrana Vansieleghem was born on 1 Jun 1902 in Oostende. She died on 7 Mar 1986 in Oostende. She was ongehuwd.

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