711. Sophia Vansieleghem was born on 10 Feb 1876 in Bredene. She died on 29 May 1969 in Zandvoorde.

She was married to Georges Balliere in 1906 in Bredene. Georges Balliere was born on 21 Jan 1873 in Zandvoorde. He died on 1 Nov 1951 in Zandvoorde. Sophia Vansieleghem and Georges Balliere had the following children:

child+929 i. Fernand Balliere.
child+930 ii. Firmin Balliere.
child+931 iii. Maria Balliere.
child+932 iv. Simonne Balliere.
child933 v. Valére Balliere was born on 13 Feb 1915 in Oostende. He died on 7 Dec 1916 in Oostende.
child+934 vi. Valère Karel Balliere.

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