632. Robert Achille Henri Vansieleghem was born on 14 Aug 1908 in Roubaix (F). He died on 17 Mar 1971 in Villers s/mer (F). political resistant during WWII
syndicalist of the french christian labor CFCT

Marcelle Glorieux was born on 20 Apr 1912 in Roubaix (F). She died on 30 Jul 2005 in Rueil Malmaison (F92). Robert Achille Henri Vansieleghem and Marcelle Glorieux had the following children:

child+822 i. Pierre Vansieleghem.
child+823 ii. Gérard Vansieleghem.
child+824 iii. Robert Vansieleghem.
child+825 iv. André Vansieleghem.
child+826 v. Michel Vansieleghem.

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